What business newcomers Forget

Why do newcomers pay fines? Every day more and more of our compatriots understand the need to open their own business, since working for hire, many will not be able to secure a decent income.
What business newcomers Forget
Own business for many seems something incredibly complicated, many people just do not know where to start. And yet, those who managed to open up, are not immune from failures, failure of undertakings and, of course, fines. In case of incorrect sequence of actions or delay of some terms, the tax service makes the order on a fine (sometimes it is possible to be separated by a warning).
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In order not to get into unpleasant situations connected with our bureaucratic system, it is necessary to examine beforehand all sides of the future business. But even this can not provide complete security, the constant change in the tax code makes many entrepreneurs criminals, simply because they did not have time to react to changes. Typical errors the very first error can occur when registering a business – it is an incorrectly chosen type of activity on okved, this error can be a problem in the future.
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Not a mistake, but an unpleasant moment can serve and incorrectly chosen mode of taxation for your business. Often in the examples on filling the form P 21001 are not obligatory to Filling the field on the tax system, so the future pi is automatically registered on the general system of taxation, which is the most difficult. For beginners It is more suitable usno or ENVD, on these systems there is only one tax, since 2010 in tax reporting is leased once a year, much less quantity of documentation, magazines, reports.
Work  2018: What business newcomers Forget
And if it is a patent USN, you will have virtually no paperwork (requires a book of income and accounting books), no obligation to fill the annual tax return. You can go to another tax system within five days from the date of registration or the beginning of a new reporting period. The most important point for conducting any business is the proper management of cash discipline, no matter how you are registered, your customers should beat the checks on the cash register or issue a filled BCO (strict reporting form).
What business newcomers Forget  | Work
For entrepreneurs, who lead their business, can use BCO, if the type of activity falls into the Okun, it allows to save on the cash register from 30000 rubles per year. And most importantly it is timely to pay contributions and apply to IFNs, FIU, FSS or FUMC, in the case of changes in the number of employees or type of activity.