Photon 2

The company "Transbusiness Ek" is the official representative of the brand photon in Russia, it is one of the companies trusted by Chinese automakers and many construction companies in the Urals.
Photon 2
Besides its quality, industrial Chinese technology has another advantage, it is a well-developed dealer network all over the country. In the ratio of the price-quality Chinese trucks fodon, fav, bav greatly benefit from both Russian manufacturers and European. Every year, more and more Russian construction companies prefer Chinese construction equipment, not only because of the price, but also due to the minimum size, maximum capacity, low fuel consumption, which in the complex Makes use extremely efficient and reduces the cost of services and production. Easy to operate and repair photon cars find their customers.
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Another advantage is the commercial transport photon-a large variety of models for capacity and purpose, a huge number of add-ons for any areas of activity (refrigerators, manipulators, booths, vans and others). From our trading platforms the sale of Photon, Baw, Fav, with the further maintenance, only buying from us it is possible to be assured in quality and warranty service of automobiles. In our company you can buy any literature from the automaker. Proof that Chinese manufacturers are not casual guests in the Russian market is the technical literature photon, BAV, fav in Russian, which allows you to deal with the device of trucks even newcomers, not making much effort.
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Timely delivery of not only individual parts, but also units and whole batches of spare parts, which is for you the pledge of uninterrupted Work. We offer spare parts for Chinese trucks fodon, BAV, Fav as an official representative, so for you it is not only a pledge of uninterrupted operation, but also the safety of your equipment. We, as a dealer of Chinese photon cars give guarantees for the parts photon, BAV, FV, all the components have certificates of quality and conformity, in the authenticity of which you can not doubt. Only we have agreements on the supply of spare parts directly from the manufacturer, which significantly reduces their price, in addition, it helps to create in the warehouses sufficient reserves of spare parts, and sometimes even the most seldom-replaceable units, such such as the rear axle in the collection Fodon, BAV, fav.
Work  2018: Photon 2
In addition, we have the details of the car, which should be changed on the first demand, otherwise breakage of such details may be the cause of future overhaul, which will permanently disable the equipment. Such details include, for example, the piston group fav, photon, BAV, at breakage of which it is possible to lose not only pistons, but also all engine. On our site you can use the basket of orders and create an order that will be delivered to you at the specified address. Our company holds periodic promotions, so you can always see in the section of the site "discounts" with offers of knots and details at a discount.
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The principle of work of our company is based on conclusion of long-term contracts on delivery of spare parts, components and cars. We are not chasing the instantaneous maximum profit, we are more important than permanent cooperation. Thanks to this policy management of the company trust US partners, for regular customers we have special programs.