Ordinary mystery Shopper, or

Ordinary mystery Shopper, or myths about the work of Mystery Shopper mystery Shopper, or Mystery Shopper, conducts a hidden assessment of the company's staff. This "Control client" is a regular employee, and common speculations about the work of "secret Spy and Earphone" are just ordinary myths. Mystery Shopper-Professional actor? The main thing is the ability to be communicative, objective, well-remembered and clearly express your impressions in writing. An actor is not necessarily a good skill to cast lightly. The controller should resemble a typical purchaser of a product or service.
Work : Ordinary mystery Shopper, or
It is unlikely that a bombshell will come for purchase in a trendy boutique, and a glossy businessman-in a tent with Chinese goods. Secret shoppers do not take to work "from the street"? Hiring of buyers-inspectors are engaged in firms specializing in the monitoring service "mystery shopper", and some personnel agencies. Jobs Mystery Shopper usually attract interested in the work and free graphics. When looking for work, any usual ways-sending resumes, filling in online questionnaires on websites, viewing and placing announcements on the Internet, contacting personnel agencies or acquaintances. The latter is just one of the options for finding a job. Mystery shopper-Thief of Secrets? Mystery shopper does not kidnap commercial secrets, but secretly fixes the process of checking the recorder.
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When visiting the enterprise the controller asks usual questions for the client,
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* asks to consult, describe and compare prices and characteristics of goods or services, evaluates professionalism and skill level of employees, politeness and quality of service. The visit lasts 10-20 minutes and does not imply the purchase of goods or services. If necessary, the employer pays for the inspector's purchases. A mystery shopper beats a ball? The mystery shopper performs responsible work and should: it is good to know the shop's products/specifics of the service. Act on the scenario, fit your role. Remember and analyze information, skillfully handle voice recorder.
Work  2018: Ordinary mystery Shopper, or
Fill in the form immediately after the visit; Write and send an e-mail report in a free form. Provide clarifying information at the request of the tenant. Mystery Shopper-A clear Millionaire? Judge for yourself. Payment is 350-1000 rubles for one visit, earnings per hour-an average of 400-500 rubles. Inspections are conducted in a single, and the secret buyer can not count on permanent employment. Significantly replenish the monthly budget can large order with a large number of checked points.