How are we carrying?

With the wide distribution of foreign economic activity, and especially with the participation of Russian companies in international business transactions, the question of the carriage of goods is necessarily raised, and it is important to know exactly about the specifics of international Transport, which transport is better, where and what to transport.
How are we carrying?
Currently, active Export-import transactions are committed not only between legal entities, but also with the participation of individuals.
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In this regard, international transport has become an urgent problem, because it is necessary to regulate the inclusion of transport costs in the price of the product, to distribute responsibility for the safety of cargo during transportation, as well as to settle customs issues, Which often inhibit international trade.
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There are many legislative acts regulating certain relationships, so their independent study slows down the process of movement of the product from one country to another.
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And often vehicles or high-speed aircraft do not play a significant role.
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Far more important problem in the organization of international transportations is excessive bureaucratization. In this regard, international transportation should be carried out with the help of reputable companies that are versed in the specifics of this activity, are able to make a competent, low-cost route and choose the ideal vehicle, which will provide safety of cargo, efficiency of transportation and absence of troubles for the person Zateyavsheho international trade.