Fresh air

Careful and everyday skin care keeps it fresh, young and healthy for a long time.
Fresh air
Considerable role in the preservation of all these properties is played by the fresh air, which is the source of oxygen, so necessary for us to live. This topic is relevant especially for urban residents, forced to breathe zadymlennym and saturated with harmful substances, air. Air baths are a soft massage for the skin, which results in our body beneficial changes: • Increased tone of numerous blood vessels; • Breathing system improves and metabolism is improved; • immunity increases; • Brain and heart activity is activated, blood pressure comes to normal; • Normal sleep is restored, nerves are calmed. Especially useful, as it is known, the forest air saturated with phytonciides of trees.
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The skin, which is called the second lungs, absorbs the essential substances by all the pores. It is best to take air baths in dry warm days in the forest, where spruce, pine, juniper or such deciduous trees like lime, oak, ash, acacia, Walnut, Eucalyptus (in the south) grow. The sea air is very useful too. Its healing has been known since ancient times.
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The air at the sea is filled with a large amount of ozone, oxygen and negative hydroaeroions. Ozone molecules are unstable in the air and, disintegrating on the atomic and molecular Oxygen, acquire antimicrobial properties. Sea air is extremely useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases. The air fills the smallest particles of sea water, wash the mucous membrane of the airways and fill the organism with mineral substances: ions of magnesium, sodium, potassium, iodine.
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These particles, under the influence of the wind, can spread to a distance of 200 meters from the shore and farther, so useful air in the coastal strip, filled, in addition, the smells of seaweed. The sea air saturated with salts, absolutely contains no dust. Under the influence of this air increases the number of erythrocytes in human blood, increases hemoglobin, accelerates metabolism. The sea air is very useful for children and teenagers, as they are accelerated growth and bones become stronger.
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Aerotherapy (in Greek: Air treatment) is a method of dosed influence on the organism by atmospheric air, used for medical and prophylactic purposes. It includes air baths, which can be taken on verandas, in rooms with open windows or in aeraions and aerosols-specially equipped for the adoption of air baths, playgrounds. So that the skin has a healthy appearance (and was such), should, if possible, be a longer stay in the fresh air, outdoors.