Bream Fishing in winter

One of the trophies that a real fisherman can boast is an undeniable bream of solid size, especially caught in the winter.
Non-planting bream in winter
However in separate periods of winter fishing, for example, in a deaf-winter activity of a bream practically equals zero. Therefore, to get the bream it is necessary to use the whole arsenal of anglers-prikorki, bait and fishing technique. On the reservoirs of Russia well-established Prikorka brand "Sensas", the most effective bait for bream is a mixture of "Sensas bremes" and "Sensas superbremes".
Construction : Non-planting bream in winter
The mixture "Sensas bremes" differs impregnation fluoriscent particles, which attract the fish bright color from afar. In turn, the mixture "Sensas superbremes" has a powerful odor. In the winter period aromatic qualities of Prikorelki depart on the second plan, the main nutrient component of Prikorki, therefore in a deaf-winter Prikorelka should take into account this moment maximally.
Bream Fishing in winter
Preparation of Prikorki for winter catching should take into account many factors-presence of a current, a kind of a bottom, features of a reservoir. Adding water to the bait should be limited, there is a principle-"it is better to make the bait more dry than to turn it into a clay-like mixture." The yaw of the bait can be regulated by simply squeezing the balls, the best option when a durable ball is obtained for eight to ten crimp, such a ball will dissolve in a few minutes, a stronger ball can lie on the bottom to the day, and it will be a great source of feed – the hole will be re-fed.
Work : Bream Fishing in winter

in algae, in this case the ground with prikorkoj dim bottom. Optimum consumption of "Sensas" on the Two kilograms for three hours of catching, without the current period can be doubled. The favorite food of bream is cereals and mixtures containing larvae, moths or worms, so well-established mixtures of the series "Sensas 3000 BREAM"-brown, red and black color.
Bream Fishing in winter  | Work  2018
These mixtures are pre-moistened, do not freeze in the frost, to reduce the particles of prikorki mixture sift through a large sieve. The best is the bait, consisting of mixtures of red and black color in equal proportions. If desired, the mixture can be added chopped moth-which is ubiquitous-favorite food bream, regardless of the region.
Work  2018: Bream Fishing in winter
In winter fishing for feeding use feeders, which open at a depth of about half a meter from the bottom, thus creating the best conditions for catching. Granulated Prikorki fill in with warm water so that granules have swollen, but have not stuck, density prikorkiki achieve repeated crimping of a ball. At catching in transparent water, produce preliminary feeding of a hole, it is desirable for 1-2 days, with further feeding in small portions.
Bream Fishing in winter  | Work
As practice shows, the use of flavors "Sensas"-on Bream, carp (also great for catching bream), vanilla, strawberries and others, ineffective in the deafness, the effect appears only on the last ice. Much better is the mixture in equal proportions of unifeed with the mixture of "sensas" in equal proportions, but it is worth considering the features of the reservoir, as there is no universal formula of bait on the bream.