Different types of tourism

Each person perceives the word rest in his own way. One person is ready to sit in his car with his family, throwing in the trunk of such necessary items as a map, a bag-refrigerator, water bottles and go on vacation in a faraway country. Others love comfort in everything, so prefer to settle in a nice quiet all inclusive hotel. In this case, it is only sunbathing somewhere on a sunny beach, breathing in the purest sea air and enjoying nature. There are also adventure lovers who dream of new discoveries. These are the people who have long been tired of the standard discussion of lack of beach loungers, talk about the quality of the buffet. Tired of them checking the size of the pool, as well as counting the number of stars of the hotel. These people dream of some unusual, real vacation, where you can get acquainted with the locals, to visit the wrong places, which are indicated in the prospectus, and those that they consider attractive. Such rest can bring a lot of bright and unforgettable positive impressions unlike standard rest. What can be more beautiful than photos, which depict, for example, fish of giant size, caught in person, or captured the ancient ruins of the ancient temple. Rest as beer-some like to shop drinks, spilled on bottles, others enjoy beer, for preparation of which the minibrewery has been used.
Nowadays there are many kinds of tourism: agritourism, museum, shopping, ethno-tourism, ecological, religious, adventure, medical-health, gastronomic, extreme. And this is not a complete list. In order to get full pleasure from the holiday traveler, first of all, should decide on the type of tourism, which is the closest to him. Lovers of food and opponents of diets will surely enjoy the gastronomic tourism. Here you can combine a whole two pleasures-to try all kinds of national cuisine and admire the sights of the country. However, here lovers of good food should be very attentive, because each country has its own exotic dishes that can be liked by locals, but do not always seem attractive to tourists. The most healthy in the world is considered the Mediterranean Italian cuisine, but in China or South Korea you can try the soup of poisonous snakes or fat caterpillars, well fried. In Greece and Spain you can taste real olive oil. Those who are interested in history will enjoy the museum tourism. The best is considered, in this case, rest in Greece. Ecological and health-improving tourism will be useful for those who go to rest with the whole family. Active tourism with elements of extreme is suitable for lovers of adventure. It can also be different. It is moto-, bicycle-, Auto mountain, pedestrian, equestrian, ski and water tourism.