Which business to choose?

The modern economy is a big tangled tangle of industrial and commercial ties, with an incredible number of different activities.
Which business to choose?
Every day new business ideas are born, which are immediately introduced into the economy. There are two fundamentally different groups of business for a particular market segment – these are unique ideas and typical.
Technique : Which business to choose?
Each of the schemes has certain advantages and disadvantages.
Eness can be a few months.
Which business to choose?  | Technique  2018
The main drawback is the problems with entering the market and conquering its part in it. and also the saturation of the market with this kind of business, from what directly will depend profit not only your firm, but the rest Working in this direction.
Technique  2018: Which business to choose?
Examples can be the repair of cell phones: the first point had an excellent income, it was worth the market to develop, as the past income has not become anyone, there was a saturation of the market. Atypical business (pioneer or pilot project for a city, region or country) is more difficult to untwist, not enough information, therefore it is necessary to do much for the first time.
Which business to choose?  | Technique
Such business longer goes to profit, but in case of winning profits will be incomparably higher than in typical types of business. The main problem-to make customers understand that your business suddenly became them vitally needed. An example of atypical business may be the first large network company, a manufacturer of cellular phones, once they were the first in the market of these goods or services.