Encryption as a way to protect data

When you discuss how to protect your information, you can often hear that no matter how much data is saved, whatever protection is used, it will still be hacked.
Encryption as a way to protect data
Everyone is free to accept these words or to challenge, as well as to argue with the extent to which the anti-beetle is able to keep your conversations secret. And if you try to find out the reasons of this kind of doubt for users? For this purpose it is necessary to understand the theory, to study necessary information. Most of the cryptographic algorithms used include an open encryption algorithm.
Technique : Encryption as a way to protect data
In other words, the decoding and encoding processes are known, and the protection of the data is provided by the secret password used for encryption. As a result, the weak point in each encryption system is the password. The length of the password being used and its "essence" affect the reliability and safety of it in the first place.
Encryption as a way to protect data  | Technique  2018
If a reliable cryptoalgorithm is used, the one who wants to harm you will be able to do it only by means of a single method of getting the key – the necessary password selection. It is quite possible to implement this thanks to several methods, the most famous can be described as a dictionary and full of search.
A brute-over with the necessary hardware resources, but when the password is extended by only one character, the complication of the process of iteration is hundreds of times.
Technique  2018: Encryption as a way to protect data
The essence of the dictionary is a large degree of probability of presence in the password of words, dates and phrases, which are easily remembered. As a result of using the dictionary as an assistant, you can significantly speed up the search, making the selection of the password not from the whole alphabet, but from the dictionary list. In principle, everything is quite simple, no more difficult than understanding how voice recorders work at the time of recording the conversation.
Encryption as a way to protect data  | Technique
Today there are many different ways, combining which with serious preparation, there is a real possibility to get to the information, which is protected by a password. You can infect the virus with a personal computer, trace the code when you enter it from the keyboard, bribe the personnel and other methods that are used by attackers in pursuit of the information they need