How to choose an accountant

There is no enterprise where there would be no accountant.
How to choose an accountant
This is actually a key figure of any enterprise, because all financial reports go through it. Therefore, business executives should be very attentive to the employee who is invited to this position. Because the accountant will be accountable to the tax Inspectorate, and if the reporting is not in order, it threatens the company with a fine of a tidy sum. So on what it is necessary to pay attention that then will not regret the decision.
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1. First of all it is necessary to inquire, where and how the accountant worked on the old place of work. 2. An experienced specialist will re-examine everything, even if he is told that the documents are correct.
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You can check your accountant by giving him a document with an error. An experienced person should immediately notice a mistake and correct it.
worries you for a long time, it means either he is a great worker, or (most likely it is) he does not care about anything. He must at the new enterprise always ask something, clarify, find out and demand the old documents.
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Otherwise, problems with The tax audit is not avoided. 3. A normal accountant is required to store all data in the database (most likely it will be the program "1c") and very quickly respond to any tax figure. Where it came from and why such a large or small amount.
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4. Of course, the accountant simply must find a common language with the tax inspectorate, not complain about it. 6. A good accountant should know the laws well and try so legally to "bypass" the laws so that the tax inspectorate could not object anything. That is, the accountant should try to reduce the legal way the taxes of the enterprise on which he works.