Jeep Myths

In the BBC Correspondent service, the agency's employees tried to understand what could attract buyers of non-economical and very expensive SUVs.
Jeep Myths
In the country of constant mists have concluded that such non-ecological machines attract primarily women with a strong character, which inherent self-centered and some aggressiveness. According to the BBC, such women are generally deprived of charm and femininity. Their distinctive feature-they always look at the world through the car DVR, directing his lens at all, with whom only have to communicate.
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So, you can confidently say that not everyone likes SUVs. Owners of such cars should in order to protect their car from the possible troubles to install video surveillance via the internet, because they are something just consider their cars the most Best, and try by any means to protect them from all kinds of attacks from the outside. Anyway, and SUVs still remain the most popular machines.
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Many SUV drivers. Due to the high landing the driver believes that it is easier to control the situation, because of what it becomes less vulnerable in case of probable accidents. Such confidence causes some feedback- Driver confidently drives the car and reduces the risk of accidents.
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and no one in this situation does not think that the height of the car negatively affects its stability. According to the laws of physics, which have not yet been abolished, the high finding of the center of gravity in such machines gives a greater likelihood that it can Tip. It turns out that cars of sports type with their small size of lumen between road and car are much safer than our favorite tanks on wheels.
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of course, with each new model SUV, which are produced by leading companies, are becoming more secure. Even if the machine is completely safe in its design, irresponsible driver driving can easily become an important Cause of any accident