How to treat cracks on the heels

Well-groomed feet are not only pedicure, but, above all, good condition of the skin of the feet.
How to treat cracks on the heels
Well-groomed heels have a clean, soft and smooth skin of pinkish color. In life, most often, on the heels formed calluses, warts, corns and cracks, which, apart from the aesthetic problem, cause pain and bring a lot of trouble. How to treat cracks on the heels? The main preparations for the treatment of cracks are based on Vaseline. It softens and hydrates the skin, even just pure Vaseline. For this purpose it is necessary in hot water to rasparat feet, having added there boric acid (on a glass of water-1 tsp), then to grease cracks a layer of Vaseline and to glue a plaster, having left on night, till morning. The procedure is repeated daily, until the complete healing of cracks.
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It is gentle and smooth to make a heel if after daily procedures in warm water to rub in cracks the warmed up olive oil. From time to time it is useful to massage the heels with warmed-up fat cream. Such massage strengthens blood circulation and promotes healing of cracks on them. The effective folk method of treatment of cracks on the heels is honey. It has antiseptic properties and compresses it well soften the skin on the heels. Turning the heel over the honey mask with cabbage leaf and leaving at night, you can, thereby, significantly improve the result.
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In the morning it is necessary to wash away and wipe the legs dry. It is useful to use, with this problem, onion compresses. To do this finely chop the onion, pour boiling water and insist for a while. The received Kashitsa impose on problem areas and obmathivajut a film. The onion compress is kept for no more than 15 minutes. Wash your feet then you can mint broth, after wipe dry and grease with moisturizing cream.
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For the treatment of cracks heel use and herbal remedies. From thin, not deep notches, helps finely grated juicy apple, applied to the heels with a piece of dense fabric, fixed bandage. The same can be done tomato to moisturize deeper cracks. Another simple and effective way is to apply a fresh cabbage leaf to the night. In the morning it is necessary to grease cracks by any moisturizing cream. Deep cracks, to prevent infection, soften, usually, the ointment that contains antibiotics.
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Creams for treatment are preferable to the content of bee propolis or vitamins A and F. Without appropriate treatment, cracks can lead to fungal diseases of the legs. To avoid this, you should regularly use special anti-fungal ointments. The most difficult and unpleasant moment is redness, swelling and inflammation of cracks on the heels with the appearance of Pustynichki. It is impossible to do without serious treatment with the help of a doctor.