Construction of Garages

Floor and roof mounting in the construction of capital garages special attention should be paid to the installation of floors and roofs.
Construction of Garages
Installation of a floor should be carried out after qualitative preparation of a foundation, completion of works on arrangement of cellar and observation pit. To save material, a beam of two-beams is used as a loaded element of a floor structure. On pre-prepared piles or foundation two beams are stacked parallel to each other, approximately on width of a wheel pair of the car.
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From above lays a flooring from boards in the thickness not less than 30 mm, with a lock connection, installation of a flooring on a bolted connection is undesirable, as it is necessary to carry out apertures in a beam that will considerably reduce its strength qualities.
??? B?? I?? ????????? ????????? Beam, because the strength of the reinforced concrete slabs decreases over time. After packing of plates the waterproofing of a roof by bitumen or roofing material is carried out.
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Installation of wiring and drains in the garage after installation of floors and a roof it is necessary to make installation of wiring and storm drains. The garage wiring includes a starting machine, counter, wiring and lighting lamps and sockets. Wiring in the garage is not necessary to lead on the walls, it is better if it will be hidden under the floor or walk on the wall and ceiling.
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The garage does not have a system of permanent heating, so it may cause increased dampness, and in winter can be a layer of frost. To protect the electrical wiring it is hidden in the chimney. PVC pipe is laid from the machine to all sources of illumination and sockets.
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The installation of storm drains should provide a complete drainage of rain and melt water, so the drain pipe should be of sufficient diameter. If the garage rests on the rear wall uphill, in addition to the system drains need to run drainage system around the basement of the garage, this will avoid flooding the cellar and observation pit.