We are engaged in development of motor activity of the child

When born, a newborn must learn a lot: hear, watch and move. In the process of growth, the child is constantly developing, becoming active, improving their ability to manage their own body. Pediatricians of motor activity call the ability of the baby to hold the head, later sit down, get up, then crawl and finally walk. Considering that all this child to learn gradually, at his birth reflexes are checked. This is done to assess the development of the baby. For example, the "plantar" reflex is checked by holding a finger on the sole of the leg, while the newborn will be undered. It is easy to identify the presence of a "sucking" reflex by touching the baby's lips. Everything near the mouth is perceived by the newborn for the chest, which he will try to grasp and start sucking without slowing down. If you put the tip of your finger in your baby's palm, it immediately burns it. This indicates the development of a child's "grasping" reflex. If you have all these reflexes can safely say about the normal development of the baby. A two-month child is able to follow the eyes of the subject, which moves, while turning the head. If he put a nipple or rattle in his pen, he will immediately try to suck it or shake it. Only five to six month old child learn to Take your own items into the pens. At this age the robot toy will be a good purchase good purchase for the baby.
If to manage movements of a head and handles practically all kids learn at one time, then to sit down, to turn over at some turns out earlier, at others later. At three-month age there is no need for a strong swaddle baby, he wants to constantly Move both handles and legs. In order to enable the child to train in the holding of the head, it is necessary to spread it more often on the tummy. By six months, children learn to sit on their own. In any case it is inadmissible at this stage of development of the child to allow it to sit long, it is necessary to allow muscles of a spine to adapt. The correct will be the ESV of the child for a short time, then it must be stowed. Usually by year many children start to walk independently, therefore at this age it is possible to buy a trampoline which will help to develop muscles of legs. If the kid did not learn to do something, and the parents are sure that it is time to be able to do it, do not have to make independent conclusions. Show your child to a doctor and most likely your fears will prove unfounded. Remember, every kid is unique.