How to eliminate bad breath?

Bad breath is a very unpleasant problem.
How to eliminate bad breath?
It interferes with work and in personal life. Moreover, a person who smells unpleasant from his mouth often does not notice it. Fortunately it is possible to solve a problem of bad smell by means of traditional medicine, but first of all it is necessary to learn about what was the reason of its occurrence. The reasons, unfortunately, can be very much, therefore independently without a hike to experts it is impossible to know precisely the reason of occurrence of odor. If the body is OK, and the problem is not solved, you need to revise the products used.
Bad breath can be caused by garlic, raw onion. Smoking and alcoholic beverages cause dry mouth.
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With regular use of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, saliva stands out less. In addition, the quality of saliva is getting worse, it loses its antiseptic ability. As a result, the number of pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity is growing, and the products of life are causing bad odor. There are other reasons, for example, untreated caries, tartar and plaque. In this case it is necessary to visit a dentist, to cure teeth, perhaps even to make a professional tooth brushing.
different stomach problems, inflammatory throat diseases, infectious diseases can also cause bad breath. The same can happen if you use some medications that reduce saliva secretion.
How to eliminate bad breath?  | Family  2018

How to deal with this problem? Before you start fighting, you need to know exactly the reason. Regular visits to the dentist, proper oral hygiene at home, complete rejection From smoking and alcohol will help to get rid of bad smell in your mouth.
Dukty, use chewing gum after eating, too, will help in solving the problem. However, dentists recommend to leave gum for the extreme case, and after each meal carefully brush and toothpaste. I must say it is the most Simple ways to deal with bad breath, but for some reason they are often ignored.
If the problem is in bowel or stomach diseases, salted water will help to solve it. For this purpose it is necessary to take 0.
Family  2018: How to eliminate bad breath?
5 liters of drinking pure water and to add in it the boiled salt (one tbsp). This salty liquid should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning one Tablespoon. After this procedure in a few minutes you need to eat milk porridge or drink some milk drink. If this is not done, it will cause irritation of the stomach mucosa.
What does this procedure do? If there are slags and toxins on the intestinal and stomach walls, the salt will help to bring them out. This will help to get rid of bad odor. However, it will be necessary to pass the whole course, which consists of five daily procedures.
How to eliminate bad breath?  | Family
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