Some people, starting to do sports, with huge enthusiasm fall into some state of excitement.
They choose that one sport, the other: that run around the house, then swim in the pool, then shake the press, then recorded in fitness clubs or dance lessons, or even thinking about buying a sports trampoline. Only usually such hobbies do not last long. And after some time, without receiving the desired results, passionate "sportsmen" forget about what they wanted. It happens very often and with many. And why? Suddenly you decide that you need to immediately start doing sports.
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And you're ready to do whatever it takes. But don't be too hasty. Because such sudden jerks in order to try to catch up, can cause severe damage to your health. Before you start physical training, you need to consult with a doctor or at least with a fitness instructor. But if you do not want to wait for anyone, you have no business to the opinion of experts and you are quite satisfied with your own experience, you can start, but only from scratch.
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Even if you start to the lessons after a long break, you still start with small loads with their gradual increase. Remember that it is necessary to do without sharpness, because you are not a robot toy, but a man. Of course, one can encounter another strangeness. You seem to have started doing sports in order to lose weight, but everything turns out On the contrary-during the first months of training you suddenly gain additional weight and add in volume. But don't worry about it.
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Now you are not fat! Everything happens because muscle tissue by weight is heavier than fat, and the body acquires elasticity and tone.
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If you are constantly attending training and your body is already accustomed to physical activity, then you have already crossed the line. But it is too early to rejoice! At this very time you can have a dull monotony and monotonous actions. And if you want something new, try different sports. Choose any sport you prefer: swimming, jogging, exercise equipment, tennis, ice skating, yoga, Pilates.
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Don't do the same thing if you don't like it! You need to enjoy your lessons. Different classes will help to work on different groups of muscles, and do not get bored monotony halls and trainings. Of course, weight loss through training and muscle strengthening is not like a plastic surgery, giving quick and visual results. This is a very laborious work on our own body, when irreversible processes in the body are not in a hurry to change their habitual course. Therefore, results can be achieved no earlier than six months, or a year. With the help of physical exercises you will not only be able to keep yourself in perfect shape, but your health will come to normal, and the figure becomes close to perfection Because for your body movement is life!