Reinforcing door openings

The construction of the new facility involves the solution of technical issues related to the further use of the space.
Reinforcing door openings
There may be errors during the design phase of the object, so the result may be different from the planned version. The norm is a deviation of up to 2%, in some cases it is possible to deviate from the plan to five percent. Deviation of large quantities can significantly reduce the strength of the bearing walls, become a cause of cracks, sagging ceilings.
Construction : Reinforcing door openings
At construction it is necessary to control very qualitatively installation of doorways, especially those on a place of which the doors of storages will be installed. Therefore very often at the stage of construction carry out reinforcement of a door aperture by steel plates from above or use ferro-concrete constructions, with internal reinforcing obstekoj. In the future, this will increase the strength of the input group, eliminate the possibility of penetration through the removal of the door.
Reinforcing door openings  | Construction  2018
Besides the reinforced Korobka is less prone to deformations, at a covering by steel plates or armature, the possibility of displacement is excluded, therefore the situation when the mechanical or electromagnetic lock will cross in off-season is improbable. ????????? In turn, each of the reinforcement methods has its advantages. Reinforcing strapping in reinforced concrete structures allows to conceal the fact of reinforcement of an aperture, it is required less works on leveling and decorating of walls.
Construction  2018: Reinforcing door openings
In turn, surface reinforcement allows to simplify the installation of the door group and to install the electronic lock without distortions. Surface plates for hardening allow to simplify a design of grooves for lock crossbars as it is possible to use as an end lath directly the plate. In this case it is easier to assemble and adjust the lock.
Reinforcing door openings  | Construction
On such technology can be installed Suvalalye, cylinder, code locks, the exception are models that require the installation of blockers and mechanisms of refinement. Reinforcement of the doorway allows not only to increase the reliability of the door against hacking, but also significantly increases the strength of the structure, the operation of which will be conducted at high humidity