Ravak Rosa

The Ravak Rosa Bath is the ideal solution for small bathrooms.
Ravak Rosa
Two main versions (left/right), compact dimensions-140 cm (DL) x 105 cm (Shir.) x 50.5 cm (v), asymmetric design-all this allows you to place Ravak Rosa in a convenient place for the owners. Transportation and installation of Ravak Rosa is not a big deal – the weight of acrylic product is only 24 kg. The completion of the Ravak Rosa Bath will depend on the buyer's ability and desire. The product can additionally be equipped with: systems-ionization, hydro massage, underwater lighting, disinfection, chromotherapy; Waste and overflow equipment. For Ravak Rosa you can buy a special rigid frame with a front panel, different in color headrests and handles.
Bath Acrylic Ravak Rosa 150 Another masterpiece of Czech plumbing manufacturers-bath acrylic Ravak Rosa 150. By its size (150 x 104 x 50.5) It is comparable to a rectangular standard bath – 180 to 85 cm. But unlike the last one, the bath is acrylic Ravak Rosa 150 can fit on smaller squares.
Bath Acrylic Ravak Rosa 150 has an asymmetrical shape and can be in two versions-left or right. This allows you to place it when installed in a water-convenient position. If desired, the bath acrylic Ravak Rosa 150 is additionally completed with modern water systems: HydroMassage, Ionizer, chromotherapy, disinfection, underwater lighting and other useful elements.
Bath Acrylic Ravak Rosa 150 has a firming glasfibre coating.
Ravak triangle the corner bath of acrylic Ravak triangle is a small size (150x150x45 cm) and comfortable stylish design. For this purpose the products can be purchased additionally:-a whirlpool system for Ravak triangle (to increase immunity and prevent various diseases); -Ionizer for Ravak Triangle, which will improve the quality of water (softening, enrichment of alkali, ionization) and help to remove toxins from the body; -Chromotherapy equipment (electromagnetic treatment with color and light); -Disinfection system for Ravak triangle (automatic cleaning and disinfection of the surface); -Underwater illumination (halogen illumination of water). For reliable installation Ravak triangle, it is necessary to buy and a special rigid frame. Concrete waters, water bath acrylic bath The concrete of Aquakhek has high quality of manufacture. Five years-such warranty period is given by Russian manufacturers on the waters of concrete.
Having not small sizes-170 cm (d.) x 95 cm (Shir.) x 67 cm (Vys.) Bath Betta Aquakhek weighs only 40 kg, which allows without much difficulty to carry out its transportation and installation. Optionally, you can choose the water of concrete of the left or right execution. To ensure that all the wiring of the pipes and the wiring of the various equipment systems of Aqua Beta was covered, you can buy a front panel. With this additional element the bath of the concrete Aquakhek will look elegant and stylish. The product of Aqua Beta has 6 hydraulic nozzles, intended for various massage procedures. In addition, the Bath Betta Aquakhek, at the request of the customer can be completed with a special hydromassage system. This equipment beta is excellent relaxes and tones the muscles of the body. The bath of Betta Aquakhek with hydro-massage is prevention of diseases and increase of general immunity. Water Area Altair The spacious bath of acrylic aqualre Waters accommodates up to 320 liters. Its displacement is increased by increasing the width and depth. Overall dimensions of the area of Altair-160 cm (d.) x 120 cm (Shir.) x 75 cm (s). The weight at the same time is 50 kg – quite elevating (at installation) for one man.
Construction : Ravak Rosa
Asymmetry and two variants of execution (left or right) allow to Mount Altair Aqualre in the necessary position. 6 hydraulic nozzles are built into the side walls of the Altair Aquir. If the product is purchased with a hydromassage system, these elements are used for their intended purpose. The warranty period for the Russian bath of the Altair Waters is 5 years. Bath aquanet Capri Decent dimensions (170 x 110 x 700 cm), large displacement (380 L), simple and comfortable design-a bath aquanet Capri. The Russian manufacturer has taken care that the acrylic asymmetric bath aquanet Capri was completed at its price minimum: plum-overflow, frame and side panel. At the request of the buyer Bath Aquanet Capri can be completed with modern hydro-massage equipment. The Aquanet Capri Bath, equipped with this system, improves the digestive processes in the body, reduces joint pains and is an excellent remedy against chronic fatigue. To hide various Elements of the wiring bath aquanet Capri used front panel. Bath aquanet Jamaica Asymmetrical Bath aquanet Jamaica is made of acrylic and has a left version of the performance. Bath aquanet Jamaica has an average size-160 cm (d.) x 100 cm (Shir.) x 50 cm (s). Sleek modern design transforms this plumbing product into a real bathroom decoration. The Bath aquanet Jamaica can be used both for washing in a horizontal position, and in a position – sitting. For the last way a special convenient recess-a seat is provided. The Bath aquanet Jamaica has in its basic configuration a side panel, a skeleton and plum-overflow. Additionally, for a surcharge, the aquanet Jamaica Bath is equipped with a frontal panel and a hydromassage system. Bath BAS Lagoon the corner acrylic bath bas The lagoon is made of Austrian polymer multilayer material on Italian high-precision equipment. Bath Bas Lagoon has a long 10-year warranty period. Bath Bas Lagoon is equipped with drain and overflow equipment, has a high-strength frame and legs. Thanks to the antibacterial composition of acrylic material, the bath BAS Lagoon has useful decontamination properties. Large sizes – 170 cm (d.) x 110 cm (Shir.) x 65 cm (Vys.) and capacious volume (650 l) is suitable for a person of a large complement. Bath Bas Lagoon at the desire of the consumer can be completed with modern sanitary attributes (HydroMassage, headrests, front panel and other useful additional elements). BATH BAS Jamaica Acrylic Rectangular Bath BAS Jamaica has a 10-year warranty period. Bath BAS Jamaica is made on vacuum molding Italian equipment, which guarantees high reliability and durability of the product. Polymer multi-layered acrylic material has antibacterial properties. Bath BAS Jamaica easily laundered from various contaminants even without the help of various abrasive chemical powders. BATH BAS Jamaica has a length of 180 cm (with a width of 80 cm, and a height of 66 cm), so it will not fit rooms small size. The main equipment includes overflow and drain wiring, frame and legs. For an additional fee, the BAS Bath is equipped with hydromassage or other necessary and useful additions. Bath BAS The Alegre like every Italian plumbing equipment, the BAS Alegre Bath is a model of European quality and reliability, which is confirmed by the 10-year warranty period for the product. Acrylic Corner Bath Bas Alegre has a beautiful appearance and ideal compact size for small rooms-150 cm (d.) x 90 cm (Shir.
Ravak Rosa  | Construction  2018
) x 60 cm (s).
Bath Bas Alegre can be two variants of execution-right or left, which further simplifies installation installation. Bath Bas Alegre is very popular with the population because of its quite affordable price. Also, despite its small size, the bath BAS Amegra can be equipped with all possible modern additional equipment (hydromassage, Ionizer, etc.).
Bath BAS Fiesta A good option for a large room is a rectangular bas Fiesta bath. In addition, its impressive size-190 cm (d.) x 100 cm (Shir.) x 69 cm (Vys.), and the volume-400 L, Bath BAS Fiesta has impeccable Italian quality and, as a result, a long 10-year warranty period. The BAS esta bath is made of ecologically clean and safe material, which is well cleaned and laundered, as well as has disinfecting properties.
has in its minimal (basic) complete set of drain and overflow equipment, strong skeleton and legs. If desired, the BAS Fiesta Bath can be completed with hydro-massage equipment or other useful accessories. Bath Bas Imperial Another great option for small bathrooms-bath BAS Imperial. The quality of the product is very high (warranty period-10 years), as the Bath Bas Imperial made of high-strength multilayer polymer material and Italian equipment.
Bath BAS Imperial has two variants of execution (left-sided and right-sided), angular form and compact sizes-150 cm (d.) x 150, 2 cm (Shir.) x 68, 3 cm (Vys.), at the same time displacement is-390 L. At the request of the buyer Bath BAS Imperial will be equipped with a hydromassage system, with which you can constantly carry out various preventive medical procedures, improve their immunity and fight chronic fatigue. Thanks to the special acrylic composition, the bath BAS Imperial has antibacterial properties and is easy to care for. Magnifica Doctor Jet acrylic Corner Bath Magnifica Doctor Jet is a high-tech device for the reception of daily water hygienic procedures. Magnifica Doctor jet is manufactured by Russian manufacturers by Italian technology. High durability and reliability of the product confirms the Big warranty life of Magnifica Doctor Jet, equal to 15 years! Dimensions Magnifica Doctor jet-162 cm (d.) x 177 cm (Shir.) x 66 cm (s). If necessary, Magnifica Doctor Jet is equipped with: various types of massage equipment, chromotherapy (light and color Treatment), ionizer (electromagnetic treatment), disinfection, underwater illumination, headrests and handles. Doctor Jet Enigma Bath acrylic is an unusual round shape – Doctor jet Enigma model. It is manufactured by Russian companies on the Italian high-precision equipment, on the spent European technology. The highest quality, reliable and durable materials, as the design of Doctor Jet Enigma, and all additional equipment (ionization, hydro massage, underwater lighting, disinfection, chromotherapy, sewage and overflow equipment, etc.)- Predetermines The long life of the device-15 years. The original appearance of Doctor Jet Enigma attracts many buyers. The diameter and height of the Bath Doctor jet Enigma is respectively-180 cm and 66 cm. The Doctor Jet Enigma comes with adjustable legs. Bath cast iron Jacob Delafon parallel the standard classical rectangular shape, which has a stylish French design, is a bath of cast iron Jacob Delafon parallel. Carefully worked out European high quality products affect its price. Bath cast iron Jacob Delafon parallel has enameled white coating.
Construction  2018: Ravak Rosa
Heavy material (cast iron) gives the product excellent stability and good sound and thermal insulation. Bath cast iron Jacob Delafon parallel well suited for small bathrooms, its size-150 cm (d.) x 70 cm (Shir.) x 45 cm (s). Bath cast iron Jacob Delafon parallel has basically a set of height adjustable legs. As an addition, it is possible to order automatic chrome plum-overflow. Bath Jacob Delafon Melanie French stylish design, high European quality, traditional classical rectangular shape-a bath Jacob Delafon Melanie.
Bath Jacob Delafon Melanie made Made of cast iron, which gives it good stability. This material has a positive effect on the heat and sound insulation properties of the product. Bath Jacob Delafon Melanie has normal dimensions-170 cm (d.) x 70 cm (Shir.) x 54.5 cm (Vys.), which allow you to comfortably fit in the person with a variety of sets. The bath Jacob Delafon Melanie is covered with white enamel, has holes for handles and anti-slip notches. Bath Jacob Delafon Melanie equipped with legs. In the additional set it is possible to order-handles, a pillow and automatic plum-overflow with chrome covering.
Bath Jacob Delafon Adagio french manufacturers of sanitary equipment occupy honorary places in the world sales rating of their products. No exception and Bath Jacob Delafon Adagio. Sleek design, high quality and reliability – It all has this product. The bath Jacob Delafon Adagio has a classical rectangular shape. Dimensions of the device-170 cm (d.) x 80 cm (Shir.) x 45.8 cm (s). The cast-iron surface is covered with enamel of white color.
Bath Jacob Delafon Adagio includes in its main set of armrests, headrest, double support for the back and adjustable legs. The bath Jacob Delafon Adagio has holes for handles and a bottom with anti-slip coating. Bath Jacob Delafon Adagio includes additional equipment. In it, at the request of the buyer, can include chrome handles and automatic discharge-overflow. Bath Jacob Delafon Soissons made of cast iron, Bath Jacob Delafon Soissons French manufacturers of sanitary equipment has a reliable design and simple rectangular shape. In this connection, the Bath Jacob Delafon Soissons is available at a price almost to any buyer. The Jacob Delafon Soissons Bath can be easily accommodated in a small room. Its dimensions-150 cm (d.) x 70 cm (Shir.) x 40.3 cm (s).
Ravak Rosa  | Construction

Bath Jacob Delafon Soissons has an enameled surface layer of white color. The mixer deck and the drain hole are located on the side of the user's feet. The Jacob Delafon Soissons bath comes with adjustable legs. For an additional fee, you can order a pillow, anti-slip notch and automatic plum-overflow with chrome coating. Bath-iron Diapason Jacob Delafon Rectangular stylish French Bath cast iron Diapason Jacob Delafon is made with anti-slip bottom and double curved backrest. Bath cast iron Diapason Jacob Delafon has average dimensions-170 cm (d.) x 75 cm (Shir.) x 39.8 cm (s). The displacement of the product is 100 L. Like all such French devices, the bath cast-iron Diapason Jacob Delafon is covered with white enameled coating. The bath cast-iron Diapason Jacob Delafon comes with legs and has holes for handles. Bath cast iron Diapason Jacob Delafon can optionally complete with automatic drain, overflow equipment and handles. Ravak avocado bath, Ravak avocado 150
Czech manufacturers offer Ravak Avocado 150 for the adoption of water procedures. Ravak Avocado Bath is a model of durable and reliable European plumbing equipment.
Asymmetric Ravak Avocado bath of acrylic has two variants of execution-left and right-sided. The Ravak avocado bath has a stylish modern look. Acrylic surface Ravak Avocado 150 does not contribute to the accumulation of dust and dirt, which greatly simplifies the care of product.
Compact Dimensions Ravak Avocado 150-150 cm (d.) x 75 cm (Shir.) x 50 cm (v.) and low weight (total-18 kg), make it easy to mount the device in small rooms. The displacement of Ravak avocado 150 is 158 l. Ravak Avocado bath is equipped with sewage and overflow equipment. The Ravak Avocado 150 comes with or without a supporting design. Ravak Avocado bath At the request of the buyer can be completed with HydroMassage and front panel. Bath Ravak Behappy Another sample of European impeccable quality-Czech bath Ravak behappy of acrylic. Compact size, which has a bath ravak behappy-150 cm (d.) x 75 cm (Shir.) x 45 cm (Vys.), give the opportunity to install it on small areas. The small weight (24 kg) allows transporting the product to one person. Bath Ravak Behappy has an original asymmetric shape and two versions (left and right). The Ravak behappy bath comes with overflow and waste equipment. The Ravak Behappy Bath can also be equipped with hydro-massage equipment, headrest, support structure and front panel.