Original hallway design in the apartment

Each owner wants that the apartment was not only beautiful and cozy, but also that it was no longer, no one. Avant-garde, original and unique interiors are created. The design of the hallway in the apartment is the first thing the guests pay attention to. Hallways are different in scale, and it is important to choose the right wallpaper, furniture and accessories. How to make come more original regardless of the size of the hallway is important that there was a minimum of superfluous things. It is clear that shoes and outerwear do not want to put in a closet with common things. That is why designers are working on the best furniture for the hallway rooms. What they do not invent... Not only are different materials and finishes used. Now you can meet different cabinets, which you look at, and do not immediately realize that this is a closet. Especially popular was the use of built-in furniture. Especially, if there are storerooms in the apartment, now there are not all the banks with conservation for the winter. Now the pantry is a continuation of the hallway in many apartments. With the help of designers or own imagination, a separate, small room for "street clothes" is created. There you can comfortably place the shoes on special stands and hang the outer garment. Some make the entrance there open, frisking interesting arches, some do just "secret door", which merges with the general color of the hallway room, some make of the pantry large closet compartment with a mirror, which is the subject of necessity In any hallway. Many began to use in the hallway tiles on the floor. First, it is very practical, because the tile is very easy to clean and on it in principle is not so noticeable sand and other small, random trash. Second, this option is successfully used to visually increase the hallway. The light floor harmoniously looks with a bright ceiling and walls about the same tone, as well as a floor, or absolutely contrasting. The original can be made hallway with the help of photo wallpapers and any accessories. Now there is a wall-paper not only with banal ornaments or leaflets of a maple in chaotic order (which earlier it was possible to meet in any Soviet Apartment). In addition, that there is a wallpaper with insanely beautiful scenery, you can meet a photo wallpaper with elements of some city or abstract and drawing wallpapers with a volumetric effect. You can create your own photo wallpaper, however, not without the participation of experts. It can be a picture of any place you liked. For example, let it be a fountain! Pick up to them some wallpaper in blue colors with glitter, make bright lighting, put in the hallway romantic bench as in the park, some big green flower, tile on the floor in the form of stones... Alternatively, you can decorate one wall with some wild animals, like a tiger. Then you can do hallway in the style of "jungle", where there will be a lot of green and bright light, on the floor green, fluffy carpet (by the way, now, there are carpets that create a feeling of grass under your feet!).
Any design of the hallway in the apartment should not create dissonance with a common interior in your apartment, because if you do in the hallway "uninhabited island", and in the hall will be a classic style-it will not be original, and tasteless. In order to design the Hallway was completed, you can use some pictures or hang/arrange the original crafts with their own hands. Now popular glass and mirrors with elements of stained glass technology or drawings acrylic paints. For it it is possible both to pay experts, and to apply the creativity and to decorate the habitation independently.
Small Hallway Photo professional design in a small hallway it is easy to create a cozy atmosphere not only with the help of visually increasing effects (although without them anywhere), but with the help of fantasy uniquely. Small Hallway photo Design Anyone can invent. It is natural that designers-people who are engaged in this professionally and earn, thus, to a life, can think more competent design. How to make a small hallway more practical the small hallway is not such a serious problem. No luck to those who do not have a thick hallway, because the planning is provided immediately corridor. However, from the corridor you can also build a hallway room with the help of the original partition. The most optimal furniture In the hallway is a closet coupe. Now they are made and wide and narrow, and low and high, and not very deep and capacious enough, and with a back wall and without it. You can choose any of them depending on the purpose. Most often in it will be folded outerwear and shoes, so the material for the closet (if you do to order) is better to choose such that it was the most practical, easy to wash. In small hallways necessarily need a mirror. It always, in combination with correct illumination, visually makes a premise more. The light floor will be the most advantageous, especially if you leave the hallway of the room. Elegant will look stretched, reflective ceiling. It can be made in different shapes! Do not worry if the ceiling falls low. In this case, you can use the trick, using wallpaper or painting with a vertical pattern-it will create the impression of a higher ceiling. Also, if from the hallway there is an exit to the hall, then entering there at you, and guests will have a feeling of greater space. And the space in the hall is much more important than in the hallway.
is very good if you manage to decorate them. This can be done by resorting to the help of professional designers and self. How to decorate doors in the hallway with the help of decorating doors you can create absolutely any effect. You can give the hallway a rigor, can lightness, originality or simplicity. Everything depends on the technique you choose. If you have doors with glass inserts or just glass, you can decorate them with the help of stained glass technology. Here you can include your imagination, and decorate the door "mosaic" or inflict on them butterflies, mushrooms, flowers (any elements that will fit in the context of the general interior). You can simply use a sponge and acrylic paints to create any drawings. No artistic skills are required here. You can find any photo you like on the Internet, cut it with the help of a clerical knife, so that the drawing has acquired a kind of stencil, and put with his help on the door of his Figure. By the way, it can be an ornament or some element, which is found on the wallpaper. It is also easy to apply decoupage technique. It will look best on solid wooden doors. Drawings are important to cover with a special varnish, then they will look shiny. You can include imagination and paste on the doors of glass or small mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Absolutely everything depends on your wishes. Any small hallway can be made masterpiece. By viewing the photo of the design of ceilings and doors, you will find interesting ideas and make "under Yourself" chic hallway, which would impress not only your guests, but also you.
Design Hallway personal photo Gallery The design of the hallway in the first place say all the masters of their business, because it is the most passable room in the entire apartment. To create a hallway design photo gallery Ideas should be not only in the heads of Potential creators, but also on paper. In general, any desire and plans better to depict on paper (so says the psychology of success). This visualization helps to realize the most daring fantasies and dreams as much as possible. Ideas for the design of the hallway room in the apartment indeed, the hallway room is the most visited. Here not once a day you pass, here can come friends and undressing to assess the situation, here can go literally for 5 minutes (for example, postman, giving the parcel). Sometimes on the hallway and do not pass, but the impression is created about the whole apartment. The hallway room is a kind of business card of your apartment. I think it is in your best interest to create such an interior design, so that it will remain in memory only on a good side. Before buying furniture in your hallway room, you need not once to see all the possible catalogs not only with furniture, but also with wallpaper (perhaps paint or other materials that can be trimmed walls). This is important so that every element in the room is like a word in a song. To created the feeling of necessity of this element. And This should concern absolutely everything that is in the room. Think about the need for a decorative arch or any other architectural focus that will help give charm or rigor. On such elements it is necessary to accent illumination, especially if the work is executed qualitatively and with a thin aesthetic taste. The most important element in any hallway is a mirror. You can just hang it on the wall, and if you have a need for a closet, it is better that this mirror was as a "door". Cabinets are different now, so you can easily find a closet with a mirror, which can be decorated with sand blasting of different colors, or simply paints. In principle, if you wish, you can do it yourself.
now topical wallpaper from natural materials. Rare, but you can meet, for example, bamboo wallpaper. They are very good to finish some small places, so that there was no busting. You can spread (preferably not a continuous stream) certain places In the hallway decorative stones. If you choose the right paint or wallpaper, this finish will never seem rigid or cold. It is popular now to use "rustic style" in the hallway rooms. Walls are separated by wood, the same make the floor. Perfectly white ceiling, and bright illumination give cosiness. Many use wicker baskets with decorative flowers. Fabric elements can be applied throughout the hallway, they can give lightness and airiness. You can hang the original paintings. Bright hallways complement bright furniture or any contrasting color. One wall can be allocated with a different color or a themed interior with photo wallpaper. They use retro-reflective, suspended ceilings. By the way, ceilings can be any form depending on wishes. In the hallway room there is no need for a visual increase in ceilings.
do not dwell on any rules to create a hallway room. If you have a need to make hallway visually more-apply the most light colors of the walls, dark furniture, bright light and shine. Possible vertical Drawings on the walls. But before you start working on the design of the hallway room, create your own photo gallery, which will help you to systematize all your ideas.