I'm not a woman! I am a fairy!

That the body and soul are inextricably linked, I have known since early childhood.
Because I felt... I remember myself, a little, in a velvet sarafan, riding on my father's neck-how much did I have? Three years. Around – Spring, flags, white-pink flowers of apple trees, balloons, joy and suddenly – as if a blow to the solar plexus... Another girl looks at me, about my age, and I distinctly understand that she does not like me so much, that I even get scared and bitter and the feeling of the holiday disappears... And here I am-thirty-five. A great family: a husband, two children, a favorite job. I make good money, I have time to keep abreast of all school events, to bring up three cats and to care for an elderly relative. I'm fine. Only sometimes the back hurts. Under the shovel is the aching pain on the left, which rises above and captures my neck with a vise and holds so tightly that the blood starts to throb in the temples. But, we are adult people-will pass..
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. Something does not pass, I will take a spasmulchik. And now five pills in a row do not help. I feel this pain even at night when I convince myself that I am dreaming... And still, I'm the happiest man in the world! Because I have a friend who advised an excellent masseuse... Not even a masseuse, but a magician-there are no words to name correctly! She is able to touch my pain and just dissolve it in some magical way... And then my life began to change magically. I suddenly saw that some people, whom I thought were my closest and absolutely trusted, simply perched on my neck, and hanging legs, knocking on my heart boots... Suddenly I burst into tears. Pelena, Zastilavshaja eyes, slept (eyesight, incidentally, improved literally), improved sleep and appetite.
Thanks to the simple manipulation of the body, my The savior helped to see a problem that I did not want to see, while the body had long signaled and was almost screaming for pain. In fact, my family life wasn't perfect. I left my husband, took my children and cats and now I live quite happily. The way I really like it. It was called a miracle-bodily-oriented therapy. Corporal therapist is not a doctor and not a masseur, but a specially trained psychologist. In the gym, on the yoga mat you will be able to relax, get rid of your bodily pain and relieve the heartache, which is so long shouted your exhausted body. In addition, you can teach this method in the training center, so that in the future you could yourself and your loved ones.
H2% any expressed mental pain, as well as any feelings that destroy us, remain in the form of stress on the body. They are located deep, and even if they lend themselves to massage, after a while they return again. Physical exercises not only do not Help solve the problem, but can also provoke aggravation. Because without realizing what is causing them, the body simply will not allow them to leave. They are like light bulbs-will burn until we pay attention to them and do not make the right decision. My therapist stressed that the fact that I was paying my pain was not going to be easy. The problem is much deeper, it concerns the choice, probably very important for me-about how to live and what decision to take. I confess honestly. I've been in love with a good man for eight years. But I couldn't admit it to him or even to myself.
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I was very happy with this feeling, it helped to endure the hardships of life next to a completely clueless husband, to provide for the family, to educate Children and help them cope with the difficulties of the transition age. But even pure and sincere love could not feed the resource of my body indefinitely. When the pain was gone, I was able to take a sober and perfectly balanced decision. I rented an apartment, talked to the children, for whom, in fact, all this for a long time, I suffered a situation that did not suit me. And explained to her husband what was going on. A year later I had my own apartment, in which I still live absolutely happily with daughters and Cotami. I don't want to get married yet, because all I need in this life is I can do it myself. Sometimes I really want to return to the training of body-oriented therapy as an ordinary participant again. Because my former mentor is just a very good person and in her presence I feel very comfortable. Thanks to her, I understood why Corporal therapists are mostly psychologists and why on the teaching of Corporal therapy (it turned out that anyone can learn these skills) so many fundamentals of deep psychology. One day she said a remarkable phrase: "We cannot live by burdening our lives with internal conflicts and having no consequences for our body and health. But, unfortunately, we are not always even aware of the essence of these conflicts. And we don't always know how to proceed. And the body always knows the answers to all these questions. "This is the absolute truth! I have become more aware of myself and my daughters because of my training in body-based therapies. And friends and at all in me do not have a soul-in any difficult situation, for advice always turn to me. It is very nice to feel like a magic fairy that can understand a person without words and save him from torment You will find this gift at the training of body-oriented therapy!.