House of Timber

The market of building materials offers quite a large amount of construction materials for building private houses, ranging from conservative buildings of log cabins, and finishing with modern panel houses. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages, the advantages of the material can tell any building forum. So the construction of the log is labor-intensive, but the house will stand more than one generation, but the shield structure-it is rather a summer building for several decades. The simplicity of the construction work is the main argument of modern construction. Therefore more and more often choose materials allowing to erect structures in the shortest terms. These materials include construction timber. Assembling from it is carried out rather quickly and reminds, as the participants of one of building forums, the designer for adults is correctly noticed. There are several variants of a beam-glued, simple and profiled. Construction work with glued bar is the simplest, as it is not amenable to warping, because it is recruited from several layers with alternating rotation of the direction of fiber. However, this is the most expensive option. The most economical variant is a simple beam in the thickness of 150 or 250 mm. For private construction works more suitable for one hundred and fifty millimeters, its thickness is enough to provide comfortable accommodation in a temperate climatic zone, in which Belarus is located. A more expensive variant is a building profiled beam, the work on assemblage of which is carried out in a lock. The most important requirement that can be confirmed by any building forum, wood for it should be harvested in the winter, when it is the least moisture. In this case it will be less prone to warping. Installation of walls begins work on laying on a base a lag, preliminary posteliv a material of waterproofing. To give additional strength to the walls, the construction work is carried out using the Shkantov with which the connection. Seasoned people from construction forums recommend after the Assembly to let the house settle down to two years to have it donkey. On forums also advise to leave small clearances over window and door blocks, at a draught it will not allow house to squeeze out windows or a door. Smooth walls allow the house to be insulated as Outside and inside the room. External insulation is preferable, residential areas are not engaged, and it is possible to make design of premises with use of natural wood. In the case of internal insulation, the outer walls grind cutter, it clogs the pores of the tree, making it stronger, and coated with lacquer, to give strength they can pass even Morilkoj. On the forums note that the timber stands for as long as the log, the wine to that-cut solid part of the tree in the molding. House construction order The real estate market of Minsk and Belarus differs from other countries by rigid policy of the state in this sector of economic activity of companies. Construction companies of Minsk work mainly on state orders for construction of social facilities, affordable housing and industrial areas. Each company has its own construction portal, which presents the main focus of activity. However, the building portals also presents other information aimed at potential investors or people who decided to order work in one of the construction companies of Minsk. Construction in Belarus can start and end with a turnkey surrender of the finished object with only one of your signature. At the exit you will be offered all necessary documents. The first thing is to study the construction companies of Minsk or other regions, view the construction portal of companies, read reviews of activities. Then you can select one and enter into a contract. The first stage of construction work will be the development of the Future project. The project should include not only the drawings of the future dwelling, but all engineering systems should be taken into account. At this stage you will have to periodically visit a construction company, where designers and designers will coordinate with you the design of the façade and interior, materials, the lining of engineering systems and much more. In the case of drawing up a plan and approving it with you, the construction passes to the next stage directly to the installation of the house. The process of erection can be tracked at the construction site and through the building portal of the company. In parallel with the development of all necessary documentation, the construction site is conducted preparatory work. The process of building a house may take several years, it requires Construction technology. For example, the pouring of the foundation is carried out within a month, but that it must seize at least a year, the following activities can be carried out only a year. Depending on the choice of material for the walls, the construction may last for a couple of years for wooden houses. Faster it is possible to erect frame houses, such building to you will be put into operation in three months from the beginning of works, such speed is explained by presence of experience of work and model projects at construction firms of Minsk. Firms place on their portals the most successful projects of Minsk and regions, so you can evaluate, still at the stage of project development, the type of the future house. Last but not least, engineering systems are being built in the building, and a rough or thorough finishing of all the premises is made. It is necessary to familiarize on a portal of the company and with warranty obligations, for many within three-five years there is a warranty service. Tenders the system of tenders in Belarus has been operating since the nineties of the last century, all operations on purchase, execution of works and services, financed from the Republican budget and state loans, are placed for sale, on the results of which and determined by the contractor. Since 2003, there have been changes that significantly expand the possibilities of the tender for construction, now auctions can be carried out and for the construction of local budgets, the target construction budget, funds allocated by programs The President or the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, tenders for construction are recommended for use by private companies, these obligations are strictly regulated by the normative acts of the Republic. The main regulatory documents are the decree from 19.05.2003 № 652 (General provisions regulating the relations of bidders) and the decision of 12.06.2000 № 8 of the Ministry of Construction. There are several types of tender, first, open system, it can take part any company, including foreign, in this case formed a catalogue of companies, conducted expertise on the possibility of participation in the bidding.
"E '" to potential performers – construction companies. Within the stipulated time, companies must apply, applications are open on the day of the auction, according to the results of the which the contractor is selected. As a rule, the catalogue of the companies admitted to trading is in free access, information about all participants and references – tenders for construction are placed on sites of organizers. A limited construction tender system can also be used, in which the performer is defined in two stages, a limited number of companies reach the second round. There is also a direct, simplified system and procedure of negotiations, the main difference-the cost of the order does not exceed the threshold amount, in the bidding take the participants registered in the catalogue of companies in Belarus. As a rule, experienced participants of the construction market have a portfolio of performed works, which they place in the company's catalogue on their website. However, this does not mean that the preference will be given to them, the main condition-the most complete coincidence of the conditions of the customer and executor. Trades are considered to be valid, if not less than three contenders take part in them, otherwise the operation can be canceled, such possibility is prescribed by the law. Construction of a sauna building of a private house implies erection of other buildings on the site – garage, yard and others. It is difficult to imagine a country house without a bath. The construction market in Minsk offers a wide range of materials for the construction of not only a private house, but also baths and saunas. There are several construction technologies, the availability of finance and building portal can help in choosing the best option. Traditionally, the baths were built of logs, in the construction market of Minsk and Belarus are presented two types-ordinary and rounded logs. The rounded log is not suitable for use in a damp atmosphere, as it is used to remove the strongest part of the exterior, although the construction market has a sufficient amount of funds to preserve the tree. However, any building portal will advise you to choose for the construction of a conventional log of pine, spruce or hardwood. Another option is the construction of stone or brick, to stand such buildings will be longer than wooden, but they require good insulation of the walls and warm them in winter is quite problematic. Construction work must start with a log, make It with a connection "in a cup" or "Swallow's tail" if the further covering of a bathhouse from above is planned, it is better to approach "swallow's tail". The log House must settle down for a year. If you have no experience or time to make a log on your own, you can choose a contractor on the construction portal or order already ready version. Further it is necessary to prepare a foundation, for this purpose it is possible to use a pouring concrete, an earthen mound, piles from larch or other materials, the benefit of any building market in Minsk allows to choose materials. The main thing in the installation of the foundation-is to take into account the freezing of soil in Minsk and Belarus and on its basis to make the drain is quite deep, in this case your bath will not "lift" in winter. Assembly of walls it is better to carry out on Shkantah (on three on each metre of length), it will increase service life. Cracks Conpatyat tow or moss. It is not necessary to use for this installation foam, participants of building portals mark fast rotting of a washing branch. The door is best to do low, but wide, and the window is lower, so you save more heat. For drying and airing necessary otdusina. For heating the furnace is necessary, the choice on the construction market of Minsk is big enough, the main thing is to choose correctly on volume of a bath premise. Under the furnace it is necessary to lay out a stone portal, it will avoid ignition of construction and reduce heat loss. The portal will also provide a smooth installation of the furnace, without distortions. It is not necessary to collect hot stones on the street, it is better to buy talkoklorite on the construction market. House of logs every year the industry comes up with new and new methods of construction, the experience of construction in other countries. New materials are being developed by advanced firms – lighter and cheaper. However, a large number of people appreciate, first of all, in the house its ecological properties, so use for construction works only natural materials-wood and bricks. Construction works with wood are of great labor-intensive and duration of work. Houses from logs should be defended for some years, from them should come out all moisture, they should be compressed In a single unit. There are two types of logs for construction – conventional and rounded. Installation of houses by construction companies are carried out, as a rule, only from rounded logs – it is simpler, the cost price is higher, all saws occur on machines. However, they are less persistent than unprocessed. The usual log on an order more strongly, however, it is necessary to pick up on size, to alternate tops and Komel at assemblage. Construction works on assembling such constructions are the most difficult, it is necessary to manually drink a lock and a longitudinal channel in the bottom part of a log. If the construction companies channel form on machines, then manually have to observe the angle of the channel, it should be 20-30 degrees, it is the most optimal size, allowing quality prokonopatat gap and allow the log tighter to sit. In the construction works minimally required chainsaw, axe, pencil and building compasses, it is they are measured gaps, which make saws. Works begin with a cut "cheeks" on all logs. Log cabins, manufactured by construction companies, sometimes do not have "cheeks", in the future it will complicate the process of warming a log of tow or moss. Besides the equipment allows to customize crowns to building firms without a backlash (between crowns does not pass a match), it negatively affects ventilation of premises, in a house can start to grow a fungus that will add to you works. Ventsy It is better to plant on Shkanat, it will increase durability of a log, and on a bottom to put the first wreath from a larch-the tree does not rot, in water becomes even stronger. Assembling on Shkantah at times increases durability, even houses which have been difficult for several centuries to disassemble, it is necessary to order in firms special technics for demolition. It is necessary to pay special attention to qualitative fitting of a lock, correctly chosen angles of inclination of a saw will increase durability of a log, it would be as though to move to the center, squeezing itself by own weight. Collected crowns should be not less than a year, this recommendation is performed even by construction companies, the duration depends on the breed of wood, firmer require more time. It is very important at this point to waterproofing the upper crown and especially the corners of the log, otherwise will start rotting.