Features Mediterranean style in the interior

Mediterranean style In the interior is all that relates to the sea, the sun and abundance of vegetation. All this together brings to the interior tranquility and tranquility against the backdrop of a relaxed combination of natural materials. In the Mediterranean style there are no elements of luxury and pathos inherent in other interiors, only exquisite simplicity and practicality.
History of the Mediterranean direction is only a little more than half a century. This style has appeared in the interior in Spain and originates from Tuscany. In the 1940s, under the influence of rapid industrialization, the growth of the Cities, and the nearby villages gradually turned into suburbs, began to empty, as their inhabitants left in cities. The houses abandoned by the Tuscan peasants gradually began to revive the townspeople, bringing in the interior of rural houses new features and modern details of life, such as locks cylinders. This interior has a lot in common with American country, but at the same time it has individual, only to it inherent traits. The main difference between these two interiors is that in the Mediterranean you will not find bright, colorful ornaments, embroidery and textiles. As the name suggests, the style was formed from the cultures of the countries located on the Mediterranean coast, but the most colorful image It was given to Greece and Italy. As a result, it was accepted to allocate two interpretations of this style-Greek and Italian.
in the Greek direction the finishing of the walls is more simple, their plaster and paint. Rough wooden beams are possible on the ceiling.
in Italian – the decoration of the walls is given great attention. They are decorated with textured plaster, frescoes or mosaics. Decorators to visually expand the room, spread on the walls of the mosaic picture, which smoothly goes into the floor.
in the Mediterranean style is used only natural fabrics-cotton, flax, as well as embroidery. On the windows are installed blinds or shutters, as well as awnings, protect from the scorching sun. But at the same time on the Windows Hang and textiles-Roman curtains, curtains of muslin, etc.
on the interior doors or cabinets can be installed electromechanical lock, which is small in size and perfectly fit in the design. As a floor covering use ceramic tile. It lays the floor in the kitchen, balcony, terrace. Tiles take with a rough surface, decorated with ornaments, images of plants or marine subjects. The same motives are depicted in the pictures, used in embroidery, etc. Sometimes in the interior design in the Mediterranean style use bricks, for facing the fireplace, and electronic locks.