Expanding the space in the house

Everyone wants to have a cozy and a lot of free space in his house.
Expanding the space in the house
However, not everyone can buy an apartment with a huge area. However, you should not be upset, because even a small apartment can be converted into a cozy and very modern. It is only necessary to make a little effort. If the apartment is very small, you can combine all the rooms.
Construction : Expanding the space in the house
This will allow you to increase the space, but do not forget some subtleties. Many in the pursuit of fashion, Unite even the bedroom and bathroom. But hardly anyone wants to sleep in a room with high humidity, so the best option will be to connect the toilet and bathroom. You will be able to put a large bathroom, and the washing machine will not disturb you.
Expanding the space in the house  | Construction  2018
Balcony or loggia can also be arranged. It is possible to insulate, to remove between a room and a balcony a wall and to turn it into something like a niche where it will be possible to put a table and armchairs. If the apartment is one, but a large room, you can divide it into several residential areas. In the hallway you can put a wardrobe and a small table.
Construction  2018: Expanding the space in the house
It is
ously to purchase in it transforming furniture-folding table, a sliding sofa, etc. In a very small apartment living room and bedroom can be divided into a wardrobe, through which will be a passage to the bedroom. For the dressing room to occupy less space, it can be made height to the ceiling. In addition, you can make a wardrobe with your own hands: instead of doors use curtains or blinds, and behind it put a barbell or a small closet for clothes.
Expanding the space in the house  | Construction
Under the ceiling, where there is a lot of free space, you can make shelves or mezzanine to store all sorts of things. In the new interior will be beautifully painted exotic flowers, and that your pets do not spoil them, you need to buy a dog repeller. Visually enlarge the apartment and ceiling height can correctly decorated walls and ceiling. Walls must be different in color from the ceiling-they should be a little darker. Of course, even such a small apartment need to clean and clean from dust. It is much easier, if you do it for you will be washing robot-vacuum cleaner