Doors of "Volkhovec" in every house!

The Russian factory, engaged in production of wooden doors, "Volkhovec" for more than 17 years offers the goods on the market.
Doors of "Volkhovec" in every house!
During this time the doors of "Volkhovec" were loved not only by Russian consumers, but also by foreign ones. At the present time the interior doors of "Volkhovec" are presented in a huge assortment-for any taste and color. Therefore, even the most fastidious buyers will be able to choose the doors of the interior "Volkhovets", the prices are different.
Construction : Doors of "Volkhovec" in every house!
The choice of goods "Volkhovec" in Moscow is especially great. The production of this furniture factory is always quality, reliability, as the main advantage is that it is made only of natural wood-oak, walnut, mahogany, as well as various other breeds. The factory "Volhvets" has a site that offers doors, produced by various series-"classics", "Decatno", "Tekton", "Modum", "Nuance", "Interio".
Doors of "Volkhovec" in every house!  | Construction  2018
There are both familiar models and new designer fantasies. The site presents the doors of "volkhovets" as a combination of quality, refinement and good taste. The products of the factory are distributed not only in Russia, but also in many other countries.
Construction  2018: Doors of "Volkhovec" in every house!
This is due to the quality and a huge assortment of goods. Although in the manufacture of products and used only natural species of trees, but without problems it is possible to buy the door "volhvets"-prices are liked by buyers with different income. Every year the furniture factory produces up to 300 thousand units of its production.
Doors of "Volkhovec" in every house!  | Construction
And every time he tries to offer something new to please both connoisseurs of fashion and classics. Therefore, the manufacturer is fully confident that choosing interroom wooden Doors "Volkhovec" in Moscow, the buyer will be pleased with the functionality of the purchased goods, and will receive aesthetic pleasure Keys: Door of the wolf-sheep interior door of the Volkhovets site site of the door of the wolf-sheep door of the Magi-the prices of the volkhovets in Moscow door Interroom Volkhovets, the price of the door of the volkhovets in Moscow.