Amazing properties of Ceramic tiles

Strange and improbable, but ceramic tile-is one of the representatives of the oldest building materials, which, however, is not only still relevant, but also constantly in vogue.
Amazing properties of Ceramic tiles
No even the newest materials, Which are used for facing floors and walls, still have not been able to displace it from our houses and apartments. This is due to the fact that the tile has some properties that can be called simply irreplaceable.
First of all it is its durability. In conditions of correct packing if to concentrate loading at one point, durability can reach 30 thousand t/M 2 that in 10-20 times exceeds possibilities of ferro-concrete or cement.
Second, the ceramic tile inherent high rigidity, which in turn does not allow it to deform and bend as a result of heavy loads. And depending on the increase in the thickness of the tile increases and this indicator.
and the third important feature of ceramic tiles is fire resistance and flame retardant. Thanks to this tile can be used in facing fireplaces and furnaces. In this case it does not burn, but, on the contrary, serves as protection for the lined Surface, as well as in the process of heating does not spoil and does not emit any harmful substances.
Construction : Amazing properties of Ceramic tiles

In addition to all of the above among the advantages of ceramic tiles is also such as the non-conductivity of electric current. Also, under the influence of sunlight, it does not change its original color and is not destroyed under the influence Different chemical substances (only hydrofluoric acid can be called as an exception). However, ceramic tiles are still one of the most hygienic materials. This is due to the fact that it can not be a nutrient medium for microbes.
The most common use of ceramic tiles in the hallway, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Water resistance and ease of cleaning make this material, probably the most optimal, very convenient and practically irreplaceable in these rooms.
at the same time the surface, lined with ceramic tiles, looks dignified and beautiful, because today there is a huge variety of its external data, able to satisfy absolutely any taste.
Thus, durability, aesthetics, decorality, providing favorable ecological environment for the person and easiness of maintenance in cleanliness-are the main factors forcing people to give preference to a ceramic tile among Other facing materials.