Gas pressure regulators are a necessary component of the distribution

Networks. Designed to maintain gas pressure in the pipeline at the required level. Provide reduction of pressure-lowering of high and average values up to the required low level. The output pressure is maintained automatically and does not depend on fluctuations and level of input pressure of gas, intensity of consumption on a specific area of the network. Gas pressure regulators provide safety of gas supply system of industrial, agricultural and municipal facilities, in automatic mode switching off gas supply at deviation of pressure from the given value.
???? ¤?$?? $?? H? About the level by changing the clearance of the regulating shutter. Regulators stabilize the required gas pressure according to the position of the control point in the gas pipeline – "up to itself" or "after itself". The gas pressure regulator ("after itself"), which is resistant to fluctuations humidity and temperature, is used to equip gas distribution points and installations. The gas pressure regulator rDNA ("after itself") is used in gas supply systems of various objects. The regulators are equipped with a safety valve for gas discharge and an emergency shutdown device. The choice of suitable regulator should be carried out taking into account parameters of gas network and design features of device. The price is determined by the purpose and technical characteristics of the regulator. High-quality regulators of gas pressure are supplied by the company "leader" ( Wide range of equipment from different manufacturers – the goods are always in stock and ready for delivery. Consultations of specialists of the company will help to make an informed choice and to buy suitable for your purposes gas equipment of excellent quality....

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The importance of Dream assessment

If you, waking up in the morning, feel that you dreamed something for a reason, please look at our website Sonnik-online. On it you will find answers to all the questions you are interested in. For effective work with our site you need to highlight the most vivid experience in your dream. The whole set of events that took place there should be marked with one word, which would reflect their emotional colouring or in general indicate what is happening. For example, "Love" or "war." Then your chosen < a href => The Sonnik will show you the interpretation of the word. For your convenience we have a lot of different Sonnikov that will help you with this.
The essence of sleep is most often concentrated in a set of things or objects that have the most vivid emotional colouring. Each individual part can carry meaning. In a dream, when the meaningful work of the brain goes to the second plan, all its activity is conditioned by the subconscious, which raises the set of information, unnoticed the person during wakefulness, and returns it. Don't underestimate dreams as a means of getting more information about yourself and the world around you. It happens, of course, when dreams are just echoes of bright events that a person has experienced during the day, but this does not negate the importance of their research. With a competent interpretation, dreams help to find hidden truths and look into the future. and help in this site Sonnik-online....

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Lighting the landscape

How to illuminate the water the beauty of garden natural or artificial reservoir is obvious by itself. But with decorative lighting, it will acquire its zest. Due to the correct type of lamp, the water is mysteriously shimmering like a magic mirror or changes shades. It is enough to choose the type of lamp. At the edges of the pool or pond, you can place lanterns of different colors, sizes, shapes and capacities, or set a spotlight to create a bright spot of light. More often the beam of a spotlight direct on a decorative group of water plants or on a sculpture. How to illuminate the façade of the house and the site near the house. For example, illuminate the patio, i.e. a spacious patio of the apartment house with small resting areas, surrounded by the perimeter of open or glazed galleries that lead to the premises of the House (Colonnade). The special beauty of the patio is due to the decorative lighting garlands of many small colored light bulbs-yellow, green or red-orange. It is possible to captivate with garlands cornices of galleries or top colonnade or to spit them roots of trees. How to illuminate the paths, lawns and flowerbeds to illuminate the fences and walkways can be decorative luminous columns. Thanks to the platform with a thorn each flashlight is easily fastened on any terrestrial surface. Columns can be placed at any distance from each other-in a few centimeters, and 1.5-2 meters. You can create mini spotlights, shining from top to bottom, from the garden light bulbs, placing them in sealed boxes, hiding special plafons and located on the lawn or in the grass around the flower beds. Due to decorative lighting any corner of the garden is available at any time of the day. A game of light and shade creates an illusion of movement of decorative garden elements....

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I like all girls love makeup, and it should be quality. I am

has found for itself the optimum cosmetic products in the ratio of price-quality-it is Yves Rocher cosmetics. Once bought for myself cream of this company, I was pleasantly surprised by its effect, so now I buy this cosmetic line in the online store, as there is presented the entire range. Besides there are always different kinds of actions, to learn about which it is possible to go sometimes on a site or receiving news from them.
KS Yves Rocher, but most of all I love to order there mascara and various means of body and face care. And all because, having read the composition of this cosmetic line, I was convinced that there are a lot of natural plant components. Of course, the preservatives are there are also present, but in very small quantities. So when I'm running out of cosmetic products, I always go to Yves Rocher's website to order what I need. And since there are constantly held shares, I always get something as a gift....

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Site, which will be pleasant to spend time German car enthusiasts

The Autoscout de is a site that has the main task of putting the sale of cars. The wide variety of vehicles offered will not allow users to come off the monitors screens. Excellent search engine site Autoscout de allows you to immediately narrow the range of search when choosing a car when imposing the required restrictions on the brand of the car and model, as well as the price traveled mileage and other parameters that are Determining when choosing a car. Search engine site Autoscout de gives by search queries all the cars that meet the specified conditions. Thus it is possible to personally to see the sold car, and also to familiarize with other characteristics peculiar to this transport vehicle. In general, judging by the description and opinion of the site, of course, excellent, and its structure is very mature and attractive, all clear and understandable even under the conditions that everything on this site is exclusively in German. This is due to the fact that the Autoscout de is a site created in Denmark, so it is focused on the population of this country. However, from below it is possible to switch language and to look, that offers such a platform in other countries, but Russia among them is not present. In addition, on the site of the Autoscout de presented a very rich assortment, so you can stop on it and with the help of an interpreter to find the desired model of the car, which in the future can be transported to the right place. It is no secret that foreign cars differ in quality, so even when buying a vehicle from the hands you can be sure of its unique abilities, allocating it against the background of other cars. Among other things, the site of the Autoscout de offers visitors to directly contact the car owners and agree on ways to purchase a car. Therefore, for those who are not embarrassed by the difficulties in communicating with foreigners, as well as possible risks when transporting a car from one country to another, you can safely go to the site and get acquainted with its offers....

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A man with Breathtester-an enemy or guardian angel?

The car today can be called a full member of the family, without this four-wheeled assistant it is difficult to imagine modern city life. The car saves lives, goes to extinguish fires, drives to work, delivers food and clothing to stores, serves as a means of recreation. The pace of life every day accelerates, often to catch all the planned places for a day without a car will not succeed. This overwrought way of life requires a carefree holiday, allowing you to forget for a couple of hours and distract from the everyday bustle. Most often people resort to alcohol drinks, replacing them with grief and joy, pouring vodka and beer family problems, and after again behind the wheel. Many do not realize the full danger of drunk man behind the wheel, every day television illuminates new car crashes with human casualties caused by drunken drivers. Such chronicles are more similar to reports from places of hostilities, than on realities of Russian roads. Perverted logic of Russian people perceives the employee of traffic police, stretching drunk driver breathalyzer for examination The fact of violation of traffic rules as an enemy, rarely who realizes that the next deprivation of the rights of drunken driver-is the salvation of human Lives, including the driver himself. ??????????? A cigarette or a distraction from the driver's road by the need to smoke another cigarette. But it is possible to say precisely, that such facts have a place and exist, in some European countries smoking behind the wheel is forbidden and punished with huge fines. The appearance of such, at first glance, absurd restrictions behind the wheel has a very trivial reason-the recorded facts of car crashes because of small cigarettes. Russian legislation of the SDA is still far from the European example, but today many drivers, whose work is connected with long trips, use electronic cigarettes pons instead of ordinary cigarettes. The absence of a burning layer and the need to smoke every cigarette make their use much safer and less distract the driver from the road. In any situation, human security is more dependent on himself, if a person does not have an awareness of it, then no technical means to him will not help protect his life.

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The film "The Baltic Sky"

The film is a screening of the novel by Nikolai Chukovsky Baltic Sky, consisting of two episodes. It shows a fragment of the Second World War. It tells about the hardest, heroic everyday life of Soviet pilots, during the siege of Leningrad. The main characters of the painting are the pilots of the Fighter squadron and-16, which showed all their courage, fortitude and bravery in battle with the Nazis. All the way from Leningrad to Riga there are fragments of fascist planes, which our pilots successfully knock down, but also our air fleet loses the big losses. However, the entire storyline diluents and makes a softer story of Sonetka and one of the best and courageous pilot Tatarenko. All possible forces are thrown on protection of city Leningrad and the further his life. Over time, the enemy can not resist and begins to retreat. The film is a fairy tale "Varvara-Krasa, Long spit" "Varvara-Krasa, Long spit" is a feature film-a fairy tale released on the Soviet screens in 1969. Staged by Alexander Rowe, based on the tale of Zhukovsky V.A. "The tale of the Good King Eremee and the evil submarine king Chude-Yuda, about King Berendé, about the love of Varvara to the son of fisherman Andrew". The film-A tale tells the story of the struggle of the evil underwater king Miracle-Yudo and the good King Jeremy, in which were involved son of a fisherman named Andrey and Varvara, who, despite all sorts of difficulties and obstacles that created them underwater evil king Wonder-Yudo, were able to Meet and love each other. It also tells how King Eremey reddened for his foolish, lazy and stupid heir. And despite all the intrigue and dirty things happening around the fisherman's son Andrei and Varvara, true love was able to overcome all obstacles. Merry Dream or laughter and tears the film "Merry Dream, or laughter through tears" by Igor Usov based on the play by S. Mikhalkov Laughter and Tears, filmed in 1976 by the director. The film is about a charming red-haired talented boy Andruche Popové, who loves to play chess. And once in the Pioneer camp, where Andrusha spent his vacation, must come the best chess player in the world and Andrusha hopes with him To play, but suddenly gets sick.
?? U? Cards, he seems to be playing with his illness. And the morning after sleep, the boy wakes up absolutely healthy. And he will have a chance for a long-awaited game. Vyborg side-This feature film released in the Light in 1938 under the leadership of Ukrainian directors: Kozintseva Gregory and Leonid Traberberg, as well as the writers of this film, who received the Stalin Prize the first Degree. This is the third series of the trilogy, telling about the Bolshevik named Maxim. The film opens the curtain of the first months of Soviet power in 1918. This is an intriguing story: about the Bolshevik hardened in fights named Maxim, who by his luck, if it can be called so, becomes the Commissioner of the State Bank. In Petrograd is not an easy time, terrible famine, distraught people, destroy their raids food warehouses, embittered workers arrange strikes. Meanwhile, the employees of the bank, the haters of the Bolsheviks, rob the state of hundreds of thousands of rubles, translating them into counterfeit documents abroad. The main character has quite a hard time, but he tries to resist them with all his strength. Ekaterina Voronin in 1957 came to the screen the film "Ekaterina Voronin", directed by a native of Ukraine Isidor Annenskiy. This is a fascinating story about a girl named Catherine, who was born on the Volga. About her difficult fate, early left without a mother, she falls under the upbringing of a harsh and overbearing grandmother. She seldom sees her father-deserved captain, which forms in her strong, uncompromising and courageous character. There comes a war and she is on the call of her heart goes to work in hospital. Where it first arises the brightest immaculate feeling-the first love that brings her the first disappointment. After the war, graduating from the institute, receives a specialty engineer, she becomes the head of the river port, where she is in wait for another fate. Difficult relations add up with her boss. Because of her fairness Catherine removed from this post. And she realizes that she doesn't have the closest person....

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Modern frame construction

Construction of frame houses, used since the last century in European countries, begins to seize and open spaces of the post-Soviet space, overcoming doubts and fluctuations. Now frame construction is used not only in the construction of country houses and cottages, but also residential buildings in the best manners of modern construction. Such constructions conceal the amazing "stuffing": they have not only excellent building materials and double-glazed windows, but also the latest achievements of civilization, for example, such as electronic locks invisible. Frame technology not only contributes to the apparent cheap-down of capital construction, but also to the preservation of its high quality. In our time frame technologies are so well tested and worked out that they perfectly cope with many important tasks. For example, the protection of the House from bad weather contribute to the materials used, accurate distribution of floor weight loads and heat protection-design features, and the protection of the House from unwanted guests-code locks. One of the most common and fast methods is the method of frame construction, with the help of which the houses are erected in a few weeks with minimal cost of building materials. For such construction is not used heavy loading equipment and it is possible to carry out various adjustments of the chosen project at any stage of its construction, or more precisely its assembly, which is the given process. The frame house can perfectly conceal in its walls any communication and wiring, leaving on View only sockets, switches and necessary plumbing. For its protection a reliable electromagnetic lock will be perfectly suitable.
It will be suitable for him easy tape Foundation. If the place is waterlogged, you need a drainage device or the erection of a columnar foundation with the use of bricks or concrete racks, but in any case such a foundation would be more economical than Monolithic. On top of the foundation laid longitudinal bars that perform the function of support for the future house. To these bars fasten so-called vertical racks for strengthening which are used braces or temporary uskosiny. From exact and firm fastening of angular racks depends all kind of the future design. As an outer covering the edged or Shpuntovatnaya board, well hiding various clearances is used. To fill the void between the outer and inner lining apply a special heater, the volume of which is calculated taking into account the climatic features of the zone and location of the building. The advantage of Frame-panel house in front of the framework is that it is erected very quickly thanks to the use of already finished sets of shields with insulation, etc. But in such an assembly, the project will remain a model and cannot be modified. Although there is no doubt in this construction there is a significant savings in construction materials and the cost of their delivery. Therefore, these projects are used not only in the construction of private houses, but also various non-residential buildings.

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A great holiday in Denmark

If you do not take into account the island of Greenland, Denmark can be considered a miniature country. It is no wonder called the Pearl of all Europe, because this country is a symbol of beauty and amazing purity. At first glance, it seems a country quite fake, fabulous. In the eye rushes unusual cleanliness, amazing new houses and an abundance of greenery. Tourists are also attracted by the elegance of this small country. Denmark is located on the coast of the Baltic and North Seas, and the country was named in honor of the ancient German tribe (Danov). The inhabitants of this tribe lived in Denmark several hundred years ago.
In this country is inhabited by 5, 8 million inhabitants. The female population is somewhat higher than the male population. A good indicator is the life expectancy of local residents. It is 81 years for women and 76 for men. The overwhelming The majority of the population of this country belongs to the Danish church.
This country, once was a great base of ancient people-Vikings, so Denmark has a very rich history. A few hundred years later, it became a socially and economically developed power, fully involved in the development of Europe. The
is moderately warm and the climate is temperate-marine. This is due to the fact that the warm current of the Gulf Stream has a positive influence on this country. July and August are the most ideal months to visit. The weather at this time is very warm, so Most tourists come to relax with their children. During the trip you can buy swimming laps for children, so they can swim and have fun in the water pleasant temperature. In general, Denmark is the best country for family holidays, because you can look at the very toy village houses, admire the nature, peace and tranquility. You can go out with the children and into the city, because it is in the summer in some places to exhibit trampolines, which you can jump. And while the children are entertained, their parents can admire the elegance and beauty of the city buildings.
Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is a very ancient city built in the twelfth century. In the capital of Denmark you can have a great rest. There is something to see in Copenhagen. This is the building of the Municipality of Tyne Hall, the Kongens-Nytorv Square, the museum Erotics, Slotholmen Island, Tivoli Amusement Park.

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Dressing room-a place of transformation of a woman

In modern times, the majority of owners of residential premises arrange their apartments dressing rooms, where the main part of the wardrobe is removed: shoes and clothes. Thus, the House becomes more free space, and the room expands. In the content of this material you can find a lot of good advice on how to equip wardrobes. The first idea is that you definitely pay attention to the good illumination of the dressing rooms, as they almost always lacks bright light. For this purpose certainly not suitable low hanging chandeliers or lamps. Because when you open the door of the high cabinet, they can be touched or in the process of dressing to catch some thing. You can decorate the wardrobe mirrors. With the help of large mirrors you can see yourself completely, analyze your image and make a complete picture of yourself. The mirrors located around are a very good solution. Having a reflective surface gives you a complete image from either side and angle. For a woman it is also important that there is at least one closet in the house, which is equipped with doors with large mirrors, so that you can look at all the height. Such cabinets are aesthetically pleasing, as they can be stored in order all the big things, as well as remove accessories and small items: belts, ties, Socks, costume jewellery and other trinkets. In an extensive dressing room you can take a corner to organize a dressing table, because it is so important for a woman to look beautiful.
same time look original. It is not necessary to create a big mess, as sometimes in the wardrobe you can find such unusual things as a sharpener for knives, music discs or corkscrew. In any case, you need to know the measure. If there are several family members in your house, you can buy a screen for the convenience of changing, for which no one will see you. The screen will be a peculiar part of the home interior. Now there are many variants of different screens that will perfectly fit into any room. Also, do not forget about the walls and the floor of the dressing room. Walls, in principle, it is possible to paste over any wallpapers liked to you, but on a floor it is better to put a soft carpet. The snow-white mat will look good, because now it is possible to buy a robot-vacuum cleaner and not to think once again about cleaning. A large dressing room can be used at once several households, if it is small size, you will need to follow the sequence. It is best to have the closet door in the bathroom or bedroom. Color wardrobe can choose any shade: neutral, light, but best not pronounced, not to be distracted during the training camp.

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